Bizdevarız derneği

Help Desk

Bizdevarız Association NGO help desk may support you about following issues:

• About the EU

• Partnership (on regional level)

• Legal problems and administrational regulations

• Association and charity legislation

• Visibility and communication

How to apply?

You may e-mail us from to get support and ask questions to Help Desk.

Help desk working principles

• Help Desk aims at serving to NGOs and civil enterprises working in any field in Black Sea Region.

• Help Desk works in certain distance to all NGOs objectively and it only give priorities when there is an emergency in question.

• When the applicant's question reaches the help desk, the applicant will be informed in 2 workdays.

• Comeback time to applicants is 3 workdays in principle. The longest time for reply the questions requiring different expertise is 10 days.

• Help desk works in confidentially principle, the questions will not be shared other institutions and persons. When necessary, they can be used anonymously in frequently asked questions.