Bizdevarız derneği

Gender Equality, Women and Environment Rights

Project 6: Gender Equality, Women and Environment Rights

Project area: Artvin, Rize, Trabzon, Gümüşhane, Bayburt and Giresun Provinces, Black Sea Region, Turkey

Objectives of the project:

The general target of the project is to strengthen mutual understanding and interaction by an effective dialogue in order to carry out awareness raising activities towards women about sustainable and ecologically sensible consumption and production methods and appropriate use of natural resources.

Project work packages:

- Establishing Project Unit and Its Working

- "The EU and Environment" and "The EU and Gender Equality" Seminars

- Certificate Ceremony

Results of the project:

- Women's initiatives in non-governmental organizations relating to solving environmental problems will be developed.

- Women's role in the active implementation of environmental policies will be empowered.

- A series of integrated seminars, workshops, communication networks and other supportive activities about preserving the environment and nature will be organized to increasing women's capacities and skills.

- Organizational capacities of the members will be increased in the international, national and regional levels through the "Communication Network for Women and Environment" Civil involvement will be strengthened by contribution to the development of a well-structured, lively and colorful culture of dialogue among CSOs.

- Distributing project activities, methods, results to those who are not directly involved in the project through various methods including brochures, local Tvs and radio shows so that the project is introduced to everybody.

- The capacities of the women and female children to reinforce their positions shall be developed with the training sets, training seminars and workshops, including the unguarded part of the population.

- At the beginning, the measuring and assessment methods by which they can reveal their training seminar gains and their future-oriented expectations that will also allow for the sustainability of the project shall e developed.

Role in the project: Project leader

The institution which supports the project: The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI)