Bizdevarız derneği

Civil Society Dialog for Strong Women

Project 1: Civil Society Dialog for Strong Women

Project area:

- Rize and Ordu Provinces, Turkey

- Prague Province, Czechia

- All provinces of Estonia and Lithuania

International Partners of the project (co-applicant)

- Gender Studies, o.p.s., Czechia

- Estonian Disabled Women’s Association, Estonia

- Lithuanian Women’s Society, Lithuania

Role in the project: Project leader

Objectives of the project

Overall objective: to strengthen the position of women in Rize and improve the information exchange and sustainable cooperation between Turkish and European CSOs.

Project work packages

- Project Coordination and Management;

- Visibility and Dissemination;

- Work Package for Experience Exchange on the “Women-friendly Cities Programme”:

- Work Package of “We Get Stronger As We Become More Aware”:

- Work Package for The Establishment of The Women in Local Governance E-platform:

- Work Package for Training on “Women-friendly Cities Programme”:

- Turkey and The EU Conferences

Results of the project

- The coordination team was formed and a strong monitoring, measurement, evaluation, and reporting was performed.

- The communication strategy of the Action was prepared.

- Turkish, Estonian, Lithuanian, and Czech women’s CSOs exchanged information on “Women-friendly Cities” and good practices of the Prague Municipality were examined.

- The awareness level of women’s CSOs regarding women with disabilities increased.

- The “women in local governance e-platform” was established with the participation of CSOs.

- The capacity building for the directors and representatives of the Rize-Fındıklı Municipality and the Ordu-Gülyalı Municipality was achieved to create women-friendly cities. Women’s CSOs operation in Fındıklı and Gülyalı achieved higher advocacy capacity with regard to women-friendly cities.

- Turkey was promoted in Estonia, Lithuania, and Czechia, while the EU was promoted in Ordu and Rize.

The institution which supports the project: European Union