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Training Seminars on Human Rights of Women and Girls

Project 3: Training Seminars on Human Rights of Women and Girls

Objectives of the project: Raising awareness of the public opinion about the rights and intended services to the rights of the women and girls, including vulnerable part of the population and sensitizing the public opinion on gender inequalities through the propaganda activities;

Project area: Rize and Artvin Provinces, Black Sea Region, Turkey

Project work packages:

- Preparation of educational sets

- Implementation of educational seminars

Results of the project:

- 60 educational sets were prepared.

- 30 women and 30 girls received intensive trainings for 2 days, each.

- The project’s final sitting was held with the participation of Mrs. Najma BOUAKAZE, the Permanent Secretary of the Communications Team at the British Embassy.

Role in the project: Project leader

The institution which supports the project: British Embassy, Ankara