Civil Society Dialogue Program VI

Civil Society Dialog for Strong Women Project

Women in Local Governance E-platform

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What we will do


a) Following the signing of the project contract, an effective project management and coordination unit will be established. An effective and robust monitoring, measurement, evaluation, and reporting methodology will be developed for the project.

b) A project-specific communication strategy will be developed for the project to be implemented effectively, to resonate with the local, national, and international communities and to raise interest in the project. Visibility products will be prepared as part of this strategy.

c) Activity 3: “Women-Friendly Cities" Experience Sharing in Czechia

d) A workshop on the barrier-free participation of women with disabilities in civil society will be held in Turkey. Following the end of the workshop, an action plan will be created, and a strong monitoring mechanism will be established to monitor this action plan.

e) The Barrier-Free European Dialogue of Women with Disabilities will take place in Estonia.

f) A Women in Local Governance e-platform will be set up.

g) "Women-Friendly Cities" training kits will be created, and the target group will be trained on "Women-Friendly Cities".

h) Awareness-raising conferences will be held in Czechia, Estonia, and Lithuania on Turkey and in Ordu and Rize (Turkey) on the European Union.