Civil Society Dialogue Program VI

Civil Society Dialog for Strong Women Project

Women in Local Governance E-platform

Bizde variz Derneği

Women's participation to labor force and employment remains a fundamental issue in Turkey. Unemployment is a major obstacle to women's economic independence. It plays a significant role in the deepening and sharpening of gender inequalities. Not getting hired and unemployment also play an important role in women's rights violations. Working in an income-generating job empowers women and increases their own and therefore their families' welfare.

The specific objectives of our project are as follows:

1- Ensuring exchange of information between the civil society organizations in Turkey and the European Union regarding women-friendly cities and how women's civil society organizations address "women with disabilities",

2- Establishing a "women in local governance e-platform",

3- Informing the representatives of Rize-Fındıklı and Ordu-Gülyalı municipalities and local Women's CSOs about women-friendly cities,

4- Informing the Turkish public about the European Union and European Union citizens about Turkey.