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Violence against women

Violence against women, which has entered the international agenda with the rising of women's movement since the 1960s, is a problem that violates the basic human rights of women and is experienced all over the world, and is one of the most important obstacles before social justice, development and peace. Studies reveal that women commonly experience physical, verbal, psychological, sexual and economic violence in the family, in their relationships with their spouses or lovers, in the workplace, on the street and in educational institutions. Every year, thousands of women become disabled or lose their lives due to the violence they experience. Violence against women can start in the womb and continue until death, and is commonly experienced domestically. Perceiving domestic violence as a personal issue and deeming it legitimate is the most important reason for its prevalence. Violence does not only affect women physically and psychologically; it also has negative consequences on children and society that are passed on from generation to generation. As a result of women's long-standing struggle, violence against women is now widely accepted as an important human rights violation. Increasingly, states are securing women's right to live free from discrimination and violence. As a result of the struggle of the women's movement, important steps have been taken to prevent violence against women, especially via international conventions,legal regulations and mechanisms established, to which Turkey is a party to since the 1980s.