Civil Society Dialogue Program VI

Civil Society Dialog for Strong Women Project

Women in Local Governance E-platform

Bizde variz Derneği
Project aim

The overall aim of our project is to enhance exchange of information and sustainable cooperation between civil society organizations in Turkey and European Union member states to strengthen the position of women.

The specific objectives of our project are as follows:

1- Ensuring exchange of information between the civil society organizations in Turkey and the European Union regarding women-friendly cities and how women's civil society organizations address "women with disabilities",

2- Establishing a "women in local governance e-platform",

3- Informing the representatives of Rize-Fındıklı and Ordu-Gülyalı municipalities and local Women's CSOs about women-friendly cities,

4- Informing the Turkish public about the European Union and European Union citizens about Turkey.

To see the news from our project,please see the news index on the association's home page