Bizdevarız derneği

Our Collaborations

For a sustainable future and human rights: it is required to substantially change and transform the way of life, the way of conducting business, production-consumption processes, management and practices of the mankind. This is a struggle so immense that no individual person or institution can handle on its own. Human Rights apply to all persons without discrimination. A person, merely due to the fact that he/she is a person shall have an equal, free and honorable life. Every person shall be equal before law without discrimination to gender, race, color, religion, language, age, nationality, difference of thoughts, national or ethnical origin and economic status. Bringing the different expertise, experiences, views and means together to march towards a common cause is a key element to this immense struggle. To this end, BIZ DE VARIZ Association acknowledges creation of collaborations with the government, with public institutions and organizations, with private sector, with other non-governmental organizations and scientific-research institutions at local, national and international level as the most important driving force behind its efforts to achieve European Union Integration, Multiculturalism, Strengthening Local Democracy and Civil Society, Human Rights and Civil Rights, Rule of Law, Protection of Environment, Cultural and Artistic Activities, Women, Youth and Disabled works and most importantly to achieve sustainability. Our Association:

On local level; works with local authorities, the mukhtars, local civil society representatives, local communities and consumers, and conducts pilot projects, research and training activities.

On international level; On national level; collaborates with the government, public organizations and institutions, universities, national nongovernmental organizations, representatives from private sector and companies, and demands their supports, attempts to influence their policies and to determine the problems so as to formulize solutions and creates projects with them.

On international level; Exchanges knowledge and experience with expert international institutions and organizations; establishes collaborations on international conventions and policies, novelties, modern technologies and approaches and their implementation in Turkey.