The vision of Women Movement Association at The Rural Region is a ‘Strong and Democratic Civil Society. ’The mission of the BIZDEVARIZ targeting the attainment of a strong and democratic civil society is to carry out advocacy, campaign, research, training and lobbying activities in its priority target areas in order to:

• ensure the development of participation and democracy in civil society,

• strengthen organizational capacity and autonomy,

• make the voice of civil society heard in decision making processes.

• to facilitate access to justice violence against women, family law and the legal status of women and other necessary cases, to take the part for justice, to give legal support and advice,

• to provide social, psychological counseling services for women

• to do works which is protective, educational and create awareness for the prevention of violations of rights

• to make and execute training, workshops, seminars and projects,

• to organize public relations and the formation of communications network, trainings, meetings, media, festivals, art, culture and street activities,